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Order a takeaway from Pukka Brasserie, sit down, relax and enjoy your night in without the hassle. Pukka Brasserie is a great place to enjoy authentic Indian. Delivery out is not just about the food, it’s about the whole experience. We hope you will enjoy your experience at Pukka Brasserie through our efficient take out and delivery service.

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89 Streatham Hill
Streatham, SW24UD

Pukka Brasserie's Most Popular Items


variety of tandoori dishes and kulcha naan bread


pieces of chicken marinated in yoghurt, then cooked over charcoal with spices



tandoori chicken marinated in yoghurt with herbs and spices and cooked in the tandoor



chicken flavoured with special spices and cooked with onions, tomatoes and capsicum in the tandoor

Customer Reviews of Pukka Brasserie

404 reviews


  • Extremely greasy, bland, and unappetising. Food arrived quickly - and was cheap... but you get what you pay for. Also, unlike most Indian takeaways, it doesn't come with poppadoms and raita.


  • Excellent! Amazing vegetarian option! Always my favourite take away!


  • Brilliant food! I had mainly vegetarian dishes! From going from a meat eater to meat free, I didn’t miss meat for a second! Superbly done!


  • not the pukka we are used to. we have used Pukka as our local curry house for about 10 years, but this particular food was disappointing to the extent that we felt sad and we will be trying out other places. The naan were smaller, there was a lot of sauce without much meat in the curries and the flavours weren't quite right either. Boo :-(


  • Great food and a very good service!


  • Really poor. Oily curry, chicken horrible, no spice to the vindaloo


  • Awful awful awful. Ordered at 19:20 food didn't arrive until 21:00. Not so much of an apology when phoned them.


  • Best Indian I've had in so long and I've been looking for years 😍😍😍 only problem is I keep coming back for more and not great for the waist line..!!! X


  • Food delicious as usual, it took long time to get delivered though!


  • Too salty


  • The food Packed a lot of flavour but the dishes had far too much oil/gee and the portions of meat were minimal," and i"m not a greedy person".Drain off fat add more meat and this takeaway could be a big winner.


  • Food arrived quickly and was hot. Definitely recommend the paneer tikka malai! It was absolutely creamy and delicious, would order again for sure!


  • Vindaloo wasn't spicy at all but was very enjoyable


  • The food arrived outside of it's delivery time, granted not by much (15 mins) but it was a still a fair wait. When it arrived there was a naan bread missing from the order, which the subsequently delivered a further 10 minutes later but the rest of the food was only just warm when it arrived, so was cold by the time the rest of the order finally arrived. First time ordering from Pukka, very disappointing.


  • Delivered quickly, the food quality was good and a free bottle of beer. The food tastes great! However, I always have a funny taste in my mouth afterwards. Maybe it is the ground nuts they use in their masala sauces. Don't get the funny taste with other Indian takeaways. Still very good and would order again.